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Cybersecurity governance

CESICAT carries on its activities concerning protection, prevention and resilience from an overall, cross-disciplinary perspective, taking cybersecurity governance as the cornerstone integrating all its actions.

CESICAT carries out cybersecurity governance functions at the Government of Catalonia with the strategic aim of orientating the performance of the services the body provides to the aims that must be fulfilled, at the same time focusing the activity on the priority aspects for improvement.

Through governance, CESICAT strengthens its relations with the departments of the Government of Catalonia and the other agents interacting there involved in providing digital services. This is an essential aspect of heading up the cybersecurity function and expanding actions involved in the Security Programme.

The CESICAT achieves this governance through the figure of the Information Security Manager in each area. A team of its own cybersecurity professionals become the reference points for cybersecurity in the departments.

The principal activities in terms of governance include overseeing the cybersecurity risks of the departments; rolling out the programmed actions established in the departmental cybersecurity plans; managing the secure use of digital identity, and specifying the technical and legal requirements for cybersecurity in the technological, information and organisational fields under the current regulatory framework.


The CESICAT carries out this governance through the figure of the Information Security Manager in the particular area