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CESICAT devotes part of its activity to establishing a cybersecurity awareness-raising programme making it possible for the country to become a more mature information society.

Secure Internet, CESICAT’s awareness-raising function

As the promoter of ICT security in Catalonia, CESICAT’s aim is to “ensure a secure Information Society for all”. In this respect, it carries out awareness-raising work with the Secure Internet Programme.

In this context, CESICAT works to ensure that citizens use ICT resources securely. With this aim, activities such as publicity, training and awareness-raising are carried out through the creation of educational content and resources helping to prevent situations that put the security of these resources at risk.

The programme is in line with the aims of the European Commission’s Strategy for a Better Internet for Children through the Safer programme, aimed at children and young people but with a focus also open to the general public, including aspects of the promotion of trust and cybersecurity affecting all users of the Internet and the social networks.

Through the Secure Internet Programme, CESICAT has established various agreements and collaborations, such as the working agreement with the DGAIA to promote the training of professionals for the 116 111 Infància Respon service, the cooperation agreement with the global STOP.THINK.CONNECT campaign, and participation in activities organised by Insafe and Inhope in the context of work done by European SICs (activities to increase children’s awareness and participation, work with helplines, and reporting of content as part of the Better Internet for Kids project).

Internet segura

Training as a strategic preventive element

CESICAT’s training service consists of creating and providing training activities specifically requested by the Government of Catalonia and public authorities to improve competences and knowledge of ICT safety matters. This training concerns three main aspects: technical, legal and organisational.

It therefore includes training and awareness-raising talks; online virtual learning environments; preparing teaching materials; guidelines and news items; organising events, and assessing the content to be conveyed. ICT security knowledge is also provided to public employees so they can apply it in the professional sphere or to train professionals to pass it on to other public sector workers.

The main purpose is to inform and educate users in an organisation, increasing awareness of threats relating to information security and promoting good practices. Awareness-raising work needs to be carried out among users and those responsible for managing the organisation so a fully operational infrastructure can be achieved.