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Manage your privacy

Second topic of the campaign 'Practica els hàbits cibersaludables'

23/11/2018 11:11

We citizens play a key role to guarantee our Internet privacy. We should be aware that when we are online, in one way or another we are sharing our personal information, which can be used for licit or illicit purposes. For this reason, we need to know how services and apps work, as to decide our online exposition. 

There are four main aspects to take into account:


  • Search engines 

The information we or others provide about us helps search engines like Google to create a digital portrait of who we are and can affect our reputation.   

  • Social media privacy settings

All social networks have some privacy options, from which we can choose who can see our publications, images, videos,  interests, workplace, or even geographical position. 

  • Apps permissions

Apps can access to spaces or functionalities of our device as list of contacts, multimedia gallery or microphone. According to a Kaspersky report, 83% of the current applications are designed to take our sensitive data if we allow them.

  • Digital footprint

The consultations that we make to search engines, the pages we visit, that describe our interests and priorities and are constantly analyzed for licit or illicit purposes.  

When speaking about privacy, we need to take into account digital identity, social media privacy settings, applications permissions, and digital footprint