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Keep your data safe

First topic of the campaign ‘Practica els hàbits cibersaludables'

19/11/2018 14:11
Safe data

Having passwords is the first step we need to take to avoid cybercriminals from stealing our personal information. They grant us access to our e-mail, social networks, devices or even bank account. Unfortunately: 

  • 67% of the Catalan people use the same password on all their accounts, which in case of robbery makes easier to access to all their personal information.
  • Half of them never change it, and half of those that change it, according to ONTSI, do it after identity theft, losing device or having malware. 
  • Those who don't use passwords (46%), especially in their mobile devices (54% of the Spaniards, according to Kaspersky) say they "don't need them" o they are not "interested".
  • And, finally, there is a 90% of the spanish population that assures not to know how to create a safe password. 

If you can identify with this data, Internet Segura, CESICAT's cybersecurity awareness-raising programme, is now giving some easy advice and tools in the framework of 'Practica els hàbits cibersaludables' campaign. Currently, many programs try to access to your systems and apps checking automatically hundreds of thousands of the most common passwords (like '1234'). For that, Internet Segura is teaching you how to create a robust password and to use other complementary systems of protection like double-check factor. What's more, you will be able to take part in some surveys, to check your cybersecurity knowledge, and listen security experiences from people like the catalan journalist Jordi Basté or the writer Màrius Serra. 

67% of Catalans use the same password on all their accounts, which in case of robbery makes easier the access to all of their data